What is UNVID ?

Decentralization of universal video. All rights reserved.

Decentralization of universal video.




Unvid is a Decentralized video streaming platform on the blockchain that rewards viewers and content creators.

It is decentralized in the sense that annoying ads don't pop up when you play videos on the platform because ads could be toggled on and off to obviate unsolicited ads video just like YouTube and other social video platforms.

We give the platform users full control to how they wish and want to see ads on their page, even rewarding them with the “paypal system” should they wish to view ads on the Unvid video platform, to the extends of rewarding them for viewing ads and watching uploaded videos by platform users.

Unvid breaks the barriers between centralized monetization to decentralized
methods of monetizing your contents with annoying ads.
(Linking the decentralized system to the centralization system.)

This is how Unvid rewards users, Unvid is integrated to blockchain technology and uses this technology to provide a decentralized rewarding system for activities of the viewers and content creators with a seamless and transparent background of monetization.

Not only that, wait for UNVID whitepaper soon.
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