About us

The Oryx project is a community-driven blockchain project with scalability in mind for total Decentralization of E-commerce.


Our vision is to provide complete satisfaction for Crypto enthusiasts to Non Crypto users in the real world by building useful platforms and Integrating them to various e-commerce system, Providing a rewarding opportunity for members of the platform while they use our develop services, with the future envisions of building our privacy blockchain for seamless payment method and flawless E-commerce on our platforms, providing the true decentralized system.


Oryx main objective is to be the Token used by our partners, which accept cryptocurrency, to transfer funds and payments within our platforms.


Oryx is aiming to develop the world E-commerce by providing a real blockchain solution and products that will help people to work, grow, transact and do everything commerce electronically on a fast pace with the help of blockchain in which Bitcoin was born.


Oryx can be seen as “E-commerce + blockchain” Its main focus is on entrepreneurship, e-learning, Social media, entertainment, digital advertising and everything that needs to be done with e-commerce.



For more about the Oryx project or our related products read our whitepaper


or visit https://4oryx.com