Decentralize of universal video

Published on 22 Jul 2019 / In Cryptocurrency

Unvid is a Decentralized video streaming platform on the blockchain that rewards viewers and content creators(oryx MVP2 ).

(Connecting the decentralized system to the centralization system)

Decentralized, or hybrid, taking the best of both worlds.

We will go through some of the requirements for an efficient and decentralized moderation system. We will also look at some of the technical hurdles that make that task challenging.

The goal of a decentralized platform is not, in fact, to be censorship resistant, but rather “centralized power resistant”.
The problem is not that some piece of content is suppressed or censored. The problem arises when a minority makes the decision against common consensus.

We give the platform users full control to how they wish and want to see ads on their page, even rewarding them with the “paypal system” should they wish to view ads on the Unvid video platform, to the extends of rewarding them for viewing ads and watching uploaded videos by platform users.
Unvid breaks the barriers between centralized monetization to decentralized methods of monetizing your contents with annoying ads.

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